It's the good things that hold us to life.

The taste and aroma of freshly made olive oil, its golden on a toast made by the fireplace, give us comfort and make us dream. It was to feel like part of this dream, as a tribute to the land, to its ancestors, that Adolfo Manuel Meirinho between the eighties of the last century and the first of the 21st century, kept the family olive groves, in Campo de Viboras, in the municipality of Vimioso, in the northeast of Transmontano, between the Maças rivers and the Angueira.

He kept the traditional varieties (santulhana, negrinha, lentisca, bical) and introduced the cobrançosa.

Some of their descendants, from 2014, realized this dream, preserved and valued traditional olive groves and made new plantations that they have been exploring respecting the best agricultural practices framed in the organic production mode.

They created the Meirinho Biológico brand.

They opted for packaging in bag-in-boxes, bottles and cans in order to better preserve the qualities of olive oil.

In 2018, packaging and marketing were autonomous, with the company Mbiológico-Produtos Biológicos Lda, based in Lisbon, for this purpose, since the points of sale were mainly located in this area.

The year 2020 brought significant qualitative changes: olive harvesting, when possible, began to be mechanized; waiting times have been decreased between harvesting and millprocessing in order to achieve better virgin olive oils; physical spaces for the operation of olive oil have been autonomous; the whole packaging process started to be done in the company; the digitization of procedures was started, a website and online store were created.

At the same time, the other products of the farm unit and the area were also valued: almond, walnut, fruit, honey, through the launch of new products, such as honey and traditional jams.


Our values

Mbiológico - Produtos Biológicos Lda seeks to maintain and value the products of transmontana agriculture, maintaining traditions, practicing processes of culture, transformation and commercialization, environmentally sustainable.